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WXS: Hinged Door System

Willick’s Industrial Xray Imaging Hinged front door cabinets are the most reliable, safe, small footprint , robust, efficient and productive.

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Give  us a call about designing a hinged door cabinet for your specific application. Standard kV range is 160-450kV.

CR or DR , digital ready.

Our inventory changes quickly but we usually have some in stock for quick deployment  (subject to availability and sizes)

  • -Laser cut steel
  • -Locking front door mechanism
  • -Door safety interlock and BRH switch installed
  • -Warning Light
  • -Working height approximately 33″
  • -Adjustable source to film distance (optional)
  • -Complies with Federal Title 21 , 1020.40 , ch10 cabinet radiography
  • -Available in 160kV, 225kv, 320kV or 450kV.
  • – Can be used with film or digital (DR or CR)
  • -Smallest footprint 320cabinet designed to house the HV generators underneath


regarding our X-Ray Support Services?

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Our friendly and knowledgeable team of NDT technicians are standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding Willick Engineering’s X-Ray Solutions or any other industry related issues.

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