About Us

Our Core Values

  • Quality

    Balancing quality, reliability and cost to maximize customer up-time.

  • Respect

    Being the most respected supplier of nondestructive testing x-ray equipment in the United States of America

  • Service

    Maintaining the same old-fashioned, high-level one-on-one customer service we have been known for since 1965

  • Creativity

    Utilizing the latest advances in technology and developing new creative methods and systems for cutting-edge X-ray applications

With an innovative engineering team, dedicated technical consultants, and our detailed and customer-focused support staff at your service, we promise you can rest assured that Willick Engineering will be there with the solutions to help your operation run with the highest efficiency and quality.

Whether it’s manufacturing or equipment sales, consulting or testing, let Willick Engineering provide you with the systems and support to meet your all your radiography needs.

our commitment
Keeping the client in mind

Our Commitment

  • An open-door/open-mind environment where all employees, suppliers, and customers contribute by sharing their knowledge, ability, and efforts in the pursuit of never-ending improvement in the quality of our products

  • The highest level of support on our equipment, by maintaining a network of highly skilled, well-trained, and conscientious staff

  • A safe and professional work atmosphere that fosters a sense of pride in the quality of our work, as well as a path to promotion and prosperity

  • An ethical commitment to our customers, our employees, the community, and the environment

About Us


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