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Rotary Cabinet WLK-RC2

Rotary Cabinets up to 450kV , digital or film.

X-Ray Rotary Cabinets

Willick rotary inspection cabinets are modular in construction with the exclusive Steel/Lead/Steel encapsulation design.

All Cabinets include X-Ray warning lights, BRH Switch, and Interlocks. Of course, we also custom paint the cabinet in your of available colors.

Available Options:

  • Motorized SFD with Digital Indicator
  • Digital Image Panel
  • Xplorer X-Ray Generator set with a wide selection of Focal Spots
  • Need something that’s not on the list? Simply ask and we will provide.
  • Automated turn table control assist / push button turn
  • Laser spot center indicator

  • Energies up to 450 Kilovolts
  • Up to a 36 Inch, hinged door access opening (on back)
  • Source to film distance up to 60 Inches
  • Digital Indicator for SFD
  • Fixed or Adjustable SFD
  • Digital (CR or DR) Imaging Ready (Option)
  • Removable Base for Ease of Install
  • 180 or 360 Degree Rotating Table