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Computed Tomography Services

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Digital X-Ray Applications Lab Services for NDT

Micro-Focus & Real Time X-Ray Inspection Service | Applications Lab

  • Computerized Digital Images easly saved on CD, DVD or any recordable media
  • Receive images in .Tif , JPG, or DICONDE format.
  • Computed Radiography Systems – 50 micron resolution
  • Micro-focus Systems up to 225kV / 5 micron spot size
  • Micro-focus 160kV /5 micron spot size
  • 160kv /.2mm focal spot system with realtime image intensifier
  • 320kV 1.5mm/3.5mm dual focal spot High frequency X-ray system
  • Computed Tomography Amorphous Silicon Image detector (mobile).
  • Multiple Backup Systems for 0 downtime
  • Programmable and analog motion controlled manipulators.
  • Portable X-Ray machine demonstrations and digital applications studies also available.

Mail us your requirements, a sample part with a description of what you are looking for and we will email you a sample digital image of the area of interest. Quantity discounts available. Hourly services also welcome. Real-time inspection services by Willick Engineering.