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Digital Imaging X-Ray Systems for NDT

Is Digital Imaging right for you?

If so, which product best suits your needs, and what are the differences?

What kind of image processing software is required?

Would you be better suited to keep your existing Film unit, and why?

Will your existing X-Ray system compatible with Digital Imaging Systems?

  • Amorphous Silicon Panels?
  • Image Intensifiers 4", 6", 9" or 12" | Standard or QX?
  • Analog High Resolution Cameras or Mega Pixel Digital Cameras?
  • Linear Detector Arrays?
  • CR Photo-Stimulable-Phosphor Plates Manual Loading or Auto Loading?

These are all great questions that I am asked every day; all materials and applications are different, and there is not one Digital Imaging Media that works for all. 

The fact is that if you application falls within the margins of digital imaging, the benefits are well worth it.

As your know, in the last few years, there have been tremendous technical advances in Digital Imaging technology for NDT RT applications.  There seems to be a wave of interest in revisiting the possibility and feasibility of using digital imaging in RT.

The answer in most cases is extremely positive.  It is no longer a matter of 'Can I Afford Digital Imaging?'; It is now a matter of 'Can I Afford Not To..'

To help you make the move into the world of Digital Imaging, I would be more than happy to visit with you and discuss which Digital Solution is best for your specific application.

Please feel free to contact us today by phone at 800-756-2626

Willick Engineering
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When your application requires an adaptive solution, we have the expertise to Design and Fabricate a complete system. Why settle for less than the optimum solution when you can get what you need for now and for the future.

  • Upgrade your existing (RS170) Real-Time System with an Optiview Digital Image Processing Computer.
  • MEGAPIXEL - Digital Megapixel Cameras and Image Intensifier combos for the Optiview2000.
  • Custom Vault Enclosure
  • Custom Manipulator
  • Amorphous Silicon Radiographic X-Ray Panel


Bring us your requirements, and let us Engineer a Solution!

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2009 Xplorer X-RAY sets 45KHZ software / hardware control panel or both.