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DR-Amorphous Silicon Panels (FPD)

4040 and 2020 DR Panels

(16″ and 8″ active area)

DR panels

Dimensions (H x W x D) DRP 2020 NDT: 2,2 x 29,5 x 36 cm , DRP 4040 NDT: 2,2 x 50 x 56 cm

Weight DRP 2020 NDT: 3,7 kg DRP 4040 NDT: 8,8 kg

Electrical 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz, 215 W

Operation and storage temperature 10 – 40°C (operation), -10 – 50°C (transport) Safety class IP 65 Vibration Equals IEC 60068-6 (10 – 150 Hz, 0.5g)

Active area DRP 2020 NDT: 204,8 mm x 204,8 mm        DRP 4040 NDT: 410 mm x 410 mm Grey levels 14 bit version and 16 bit version available

Interface Gigabit/ LAN Software DÜRR NDT D-Tect

IT-requirements; Necessary accessories; Power supply unit, DC-cable, AC-cable, I/F cable Shielding Varying shieldings for different keV levels available on request

PaxScan 2520M


PaxScan 2520M Specifications

The PaxScan 2520M is a ruggedized portable x-ray imaging system designed for high-speed radiographic imaging in the field. Up to forty (40) images can be stored on a single 512 Mbyte CompactFlash™ card for viewing on a user-supplied laptop running Varian ViVA™ application software. A portable x-ray source and x-ray trigger hand-switch comprises the complete system.

PaxScan 4030A


PaxScan 4030A Specifications

The PaxScan 4030A is our largest field-of-view (FOV) real-time flat panel detector (FPD) available today. The main system components are the 40 x 30cm 194?m-pixel amorphous silicon FPD, real-time image processor (Command Processor), and universal dual-output power supply. The high sensitivity of the CsI scintillator combined with proprietary noise management techniques allows for excellent low dose imaging performance that surpasses image intensifier tube (IIT) devices. This FPD makes an ideal replacement for 12″ and 16″ I.I. Tubes

PaxScan 4030R


PaxScan 4030R Specifications

PaxScan Radiographic Imagers

The PaxScan 4030R is an advanced 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 inch) digital imaging subsystem, incorporating a flat panel amorphous silicon sensor array, power supply and all interconnecting cables. The low noise electronics of the PaxScan 4030 yield a very high signal-to-noise ratio. All components are designed to provide maximum reliability. Varian ViVA™ user application software included.


The PaxScan 4030R imaging subsystem includes a Gadolinium Oxysulfide scintillator. This configuration provides excellent sensitivity and image quality for many radiographic applications. An image acquisition board, power supply and interconnecting cables are also included in the standard package.

PaxScan 4030R High Energy

For applications that subject the detector to high kVp levels, the PaxScan 4030R is also available in a high energy configuration. The PaxScan 4030R high energy option places the panel electronics to the sides of the sensor array allowing them to be shielded from the direct radiation beam. Customer supplied lead shielding recommended.