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Durr Digital CR Systems



We are pleased to announce our new product line and the next generation in Digital Computed Radiography Systems.

The HD-CR35-NDT and HD-CR-43-NDT manufactured by Duerr NDT in Germany and supported by Willick Engineering in USA .

Best of both worlds: Automatic Loading Cassette and Manual Loading portable systems .

D-Tect NDT Software; One GUI, More Choices / Better Options / Best of all worlds

Technical Data
Gray Scale 16 Bit, 65,536 Gray Scale 16 Bit, 65,536 Gray Scale
Dimensions (HxWxD) 113 x 41 x 46 cm 39 x 38 x 52 cm
Weight 120lbs 47lbs.
Electrical 100-240 VAC/ 50-60 Hz, max 250 W 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, 140 W
Noise Level < 39 dB(A) < 49 dB(A)
Max Plate size 14″x17″ From 2″ to 14″ wide to any length
Max Scans per hour 68 Depending on IP size and resolution
Laser Class Laser Class I (EN60825-1) I (EN60825.1)
PC-Connection GigE (Gig Ethernet) USB 2.0
Software Optiview or Duerr NDT D-Tect Optiview or Duerr NDT D-Tect

D-Tect software1

Complete System Includes:

  • OptiviewXR or D-Tect NDT Imaging Workstation.
  • Mobile or PC Tower options..
  • Analytical tools: Colorizing, filters, measuring lengths and angles, text overlay,
  • Export images as raw image, tif, jpg, bmp, dicom, diconde to network or disk.
  • DICONDE Compliant
  • Original image remains unchanged with traceability of any visual enhancements.
  • Willick Engineering support through Digital CR integration and ASTM, ASME System Qualification.
  • Viewer software package available for your customers.
  • Software downloads through our support web site link.
  • Remote desktop support and diagnostics.
  • Pipe wall measurement\ analysis tool option.
  • Support, support , support …… did you hear that? Support. After sales, that is.

Many flexible plate sizes to choose from (inches):

  • 2.5″ x7″, 2.5″x 10″ , 2.5″ x14″, 4.5×10,4.5×17,5×7,7×17,8×10,10×12, 14,×17, 14×30, 14x 60,
  • Normally available from stock in U.S. .


Download Brochures and Spec Sheets

Digital Systems Brochure

Video HD-CR 43-NDT Video HD-CR-35-NDT


Benefits of Computed Radiography: Portability, lower energy requirements, faster exposure times, increased productivity, digital format archiving, media is reusable thousands of times, improved software analytical tools, excellent resolution an dynamic range, visual aids without altering an image, eliminate: film, processor and chemicals.

Quality speaks for itself, we welcome application studies of your samples and encourage customers to compare. With each system comes a commitment from Willick Engineering to support you every step of the way and ensure your success.